Getting Sorted

Yikes! I have followers before I have written in my own voice, that certainly adds the pressure!

Although this is intended mainly as a friends and family blog, for those of you that have stumbled upon it, I thought it might be reasonable to explain why I am spamming the internet with yet another source of personal opinion and experience. The answer is simply that I am moving out of what is conventionally considered Europe or the ‘Western world’ (although that is more questionable) and going to spend a year studying in the city of Moscow, Russia.

It will be impossible for me to hold as many skype conversations as I like, and therefore, in order to keep those who care up to date, I have created this blog, and hope to use it regularly.  So far all I can remark upon is that I am continuing my daily, intern life in Oxford, and that as yet I am no closer to completing my visa application than I was at the beginning of the week. Thankfully the visa should only take one week to process, so I am not entirely stressed. Yet.

I honestly dont know what will expect me in the next few months, and that, as usual, seems to be the most frightning thing of all. I hope you will join me on my journey, forgive me when I spout homesick nonesence, enjoy highlights, and delve into a culture that seems entirely foreign to me.

My expectations are as limited as my knowledge: a bustling city, lots of snow, some beautiful parks, and surreal architectural mixes. Let’s see how much of that comes true.

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