While life has been going on as normal, time is sneaking up on me. In fact, there is one, (chilly, one could say) realisation that hit me today when I recieved my pasport in the post today.


I am actually going to Russia. Not only that, I’m going by myself, I’m going for a year, and I’m going in less than three weeks.

Shit’s getting real, some might say.

So I did what each enterprising person does, and made sure I got flights. Those obtained (for more than I wanted to pay, and with a later return date than I had thought), I then test packed.

I’m sure you can imagine what is coming next. After a large clear out, no, it still doesn’t all fit. There is one medium bag with climbing gear (as well as my camping kit, but thats not currently in my room to dispair at) which is sitting, lonely, in the middle of my room, looking desolate. I currently dont know what I want to do. I still have the option of spending another 55 pounds to take it with me… or I could get rid of some more clothes?- That option, however, seems silly when looking ahead to a cold winter.

I have three weeks to decide…


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