A few updates

Departure is ticking ever closer.

Before I head of on a mini holiday to escape the memory of my gigantic to-do list I thought I’d send a quick update.

These past few weeks have been really relaxed, I did things like get roubles from the bank (eeek!) and finish up my internship, which I thouroughly enjoyed.

I also started saying goodbye, which has been heart renching, and made me realise how much I have started to consider the UK my home. Especially the pain of saying goodbye to Reading, when I was sure I was going to hate the place, (long story) has surprised me beyond measure.

I won’t tell you where I’m off to on holiday (I don’t actually know), but I’ll make sure to be in touch before I officially head off!!


2 thoughts on “A few updates

  1. Liesl! Erst jetzt sah ich deinen Blog zum ersten Mal… und musste erstmal alles lesen. Ganz viel Erfolg meine Liebe! Ich freue mich auf deine updates. Du wirst es brillant meistern, da bin ich mir sicher – und wir werden spannendes zu lesen haben. Danke! Btw, auf welchem Niveau ist dein russisch? B1? Un abrazo


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