Sherlock Holmes, walking his 3 little Pigs

After the frustrated post last time, I thought I should provide you with a more up-beat update, and the best way to do this, I think, is to provide you an insight into some of the oddities we encountered at the *world famous and renowned and super important and exciting* HSE DAY!

(Yes these *s denote sarcasm).

This day, which got A LOT of advertisement from the school, is an interesting mix of open day, Fresher’s fayre (damn that made me miss jumping at people at Reading), and graduation: a celebration of all things HSE including free lectures, sports, and music.

And Sherlock Holmes, with a great big ginger beard, walking three miniature pigs, apparently.

Sherlock Holmes, before he found his pigs to take for a walk
Sherlock Holmes, before he found his pigs to take for a walk. (Photo Credit Katie Banks)

We are starting to get used to interesting figures popping up here and there- on Moscow day we ran into a grandfather who seemed to imitate Lenin down to his socks, and yesterday we encountered two girls who had taken the Japanese cartoon-dress sense and transferred it into reality, complete with big skirts and interesting tights. But pigs on leashes were definitely unusual.

To top it off, there was a stage show presented by four figures that looked like they were dressed for a quidditch match– on segway scooters, a girl dressed as catwoman, butchering her rendition of some American pop song so badly that they turned up the band to drown her out, and an ordinary passer-by who had chosen kangaroo-stilts as his mode of transport that day.

The day was filled with bizarre and wonderful impressions. Especially when the beat-boxing crew came and blew our minds- we had not expected such an exceptionally talented group. And if you need any convincing that the Russians are a kind bunch, I can inform you that yesterday I encountered chivalry not only from the young men that helped us hoist Gabi’s suitcase up (3) stairs, but also from a young lady who watched me upend my handbag and release a flood onto the pavement because my water bottle had leaked, who then helped me to dry everything.

So life is good over here, in the ‘East’, and I’m enjoying my last few days to chill and relax before the course load starts for real!

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