Quirky atmosphere and lunch for 3 pounds

Just don’t expect a vegetarian option.

London was a city where cheap eats were near impossible, where a sandwich could cost you 6 pounds and a ‘meal deal’ was 7. Ok, some exaggeration there, but having heard that Moscow has been given the title of ‘Europe’s most expensive city’ I had been gearing myself up for packed lunches. Unless you find the quirky, back-street, basement café Petrovich.

This restaurant and club boasts a most bizarre decoration, including pictures, postcards, trinkets, old kettles and pots, colourfully painted bowls and other miscellaneous memorabilia from the near or distant past. Upon entering through a formidable metal door and heading down some steps towards clear symbols of the former Soviet Union, you are treated to a mess-style ‘business lunch’ with unlimited (vegetarian) soup and (not always vegetarian) salads. The mostly silent waiting staff bring you the main of the day (also not vegetarian) without any comment, and you get everything you can stuff into yourself for the meagre price of 180 Roubles.

Starters of soup and salad
Starters of soup and salad

And the food is tasty and definitely Russian. The soup today was a cabbage based soup with noodles and vegetables, alongside which there were a variety of seven different salads, three ‘classic’ salads based on lettuce and cabbage, three based on rice and potato, and one based on kidney beans.

Unidentified Frikadellen
Unidentified Frikadellen

We were also served a main, of an unidentified meat (home-made meat according to the bill) with rice and a tomato based sauce. There was even dessert: sweet pastries, of which I ate plenty!

The sheer quantity, the unbeatable price, the crazy furnishing and the ‘authentic’ feel made this a definitely recommendable place for lunch!

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