Echoes of the Past

DSC_0285Dotted around the city, in various places, you can find the sickle and hammer, framed in red, often gilded as small (or large) reminders of the past.  They’re hidden in the decoration on top of pillars, mosaic-d into wall illustrations on the underground, chiselled into buildings and printed on plaques.  The persistence of the symbolism is striking, especially for someone that has spent some time watching her own country try to actually and symbolically come to terms with ideas of nation, identity and the past.

DSC_0308And then there are the blatant homages.

The VNKh park, also known as the All-Russian- Exposition centre, is one of these. Built primarily during the Soviet Union, the park has buildings and monuments representing important industries, and every republic in the USSR. Also in the park are symbols of Russian aeronautic prowess- the cosmological museum is near, and one can see various rockets, a (aeroflot) plane, and a space ship. I call it a space ship because I have let my primary and middle school science teachers down and forgotten what the classic white-and-black-mishapen-aeroplane is actually called…

DSC_0288As class was cancelled today, Rachel and I used some of (the last?) good weather to explore the park and snap some photographs. Enjoy!

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