Mini adventure: trainspotting

It’s an eastern European thing, Rachel said confidently when I relayed my experiences on Thursday. But why were you there?
It was a question I had asked myself a few times. In my way to university I had realised that there was a bridge over the train tracks which people were crossing. My immediate response was to investigate. Ten minutes later, standing on a poorly asphalted road between trains and rail tracks, I began doubt that I could really get to the river by crossing here, and when a mysterious white van that forgot its licence plates drove by, I decided to turn around.
Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day and I got some pretty awesome pictures, and tried my hand with a new media- film. Honestly, guys, its not going to be a great work of art, but I had some fun putting it together, and I think I  might try and get better at composing snippets…

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