Good Morning, Lenin!

My friend Jon, who I met at UCL, is in possession of a 2 meter large poster of Lenin, given to him by his father, who, as far as I can gather, acquired it in the USSR.

Clearly this makes him Lenin’s biggest fan- possibly only rivalled by fellow course mate Rachel, who even received a Lenin-pin for her birthday.

In any case:

As a running gag, I have spent the last months photographing every statue, image, mosaic or any other depiction of Lenin, and sent them to Jon. Here is the collection in Gallery form, for your general amusement, and yes, he is all over the centre of the city.
N.B. The actual Lenin, as well as the man who dresses up like Lenin to make money from taking pictures with tourists, are not featured here. I also decided to only post one of the many plaques that feature his profile. Notable absences are also the five or so Lenin statues that now stand in the sculpture garden behind the Museum of Art. The gallery will be updated when I get decent pictures of them.

*updated 06.11.14

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