Month #2: Making Moscow a Home

So I have officially been here two months now. Wow, that went fast.

The stunning sunset I was lucky enough to capture last week, with the Church of St. Christ the Savior
The stunning sunset I was lucky enough to capture last week, with the Church of St. Christ the Savior

In the last week, once again acting a tourist and visiting sights like the Kremlin, Lenin, GUM, VDNKh, the Cosmonaut’s Museum and even trying the Gulag Museum for the first time, I realised that while these places are still strange and interesting to me, they are now fundamentally part of my everyday life. And, as I learned when living in a hostel for a week- the dorm life has begun to feel like home.

I’ll reflect on the Cosmonaut’s Museum and Gulag Museum at another point in time, right now I wanted to do a bit of a disclaimer.

It’s going to be a busy month for me. Not only are essays and exams coming up, more friends are coming to visit, and SNOW is (hopefully) on the horizon, but I have also signed up for two blogging courses that I hope will give me an idea of developing this site, but also lead me to reflect on my experiences somewhat differently. As such, you should be able to expect something new on this site almost every day this month. I’m going to try to convert the challenges to Moscow- related things, but I’m not sure what’s coming up, so we will see how successful that is!

Task 1 today was: Introduce yourself, and take a picture of ‘home’.

Selfies are still not my strong point. Might be something I learn in the next year...
Selfies are still not my strong point. Might be something I learn in the next year…But this is ‘home’ right now, the lights and colours of the Red Square.

I’ve largely managed to avoid this because I linked the blog to friends and family. Long story short- I’m a student, primarily English and German speaking, in Russia. For more or less of a year. Why? Because I signed up to do it on a Masters course. Why? —that one is harder to answer– mostly because I think I like being outside of my comfort zone. And I definitely like meeting new people and learning new things by doing/trial and error.

Why a Blog? Because I know people throughout the world that I want to keep in touch with, but time is lacking and time zones are challenging. Because I want something to return to when I need to reflect on my journey, and because on the way I want to create something I am proud of. And because I benefited from others’ travel blogs in the past, and hope I can help at least a few other people on their own journeys.

And by the look of it, my journey might be quite a bit longer than just this year in Moscow…

5 thoughts on “Month #2: Making Moscow a Home

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Russia! Any particular reason you choose that country? Great to meet you through Blogging U 🙂


    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for visiting my blog 😀 My course gave me the option to go pretty much anywhere in Eastern Europe, Russia seemed the most interesting for me- its a pretty big hitter politically, after all!
      What interests you about Russia?


      1. A beautiful country rich in history makes me so curious! Though I have to admit I know very little!


      2. Definitely beautiful- and I know what you mean! I am learning more and more, and realising how little I actually know! Was actually thinking about trying to get a bit of a historical theme going, to share what I learn, and link it to the different historical sights I get to visit.


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