Moscow Metro Stations: Oktyabrskaya and Dobrynskaya

Hey there again, traveller!


Today we’ll look at both Oktyabrskaya and Dobrynskaya, because I honestly find them far less interesting than many of the stations on the line. Perhaps this may be due to the fact that Oktyabrskaya in particular is showing signs of its age,with tiles coming off the wall, which appears all the more gloomy and dingy when you take into account the poor lighting. Dobrynskaya is actually more interesting and somewhat more beautiful, although they both display white and golden symbology of wars won and the toils/joy of human labour.

Surprisingly, these stations are very close to each other, as well as very close to the Gorky Park of culture our previous stop, Park Kultury, was named after. If you were to walk between them outside, you would pass the famous statue of Lenin on the tall, marble column, with images of victory and the workers surging forward at the base. You know the one: Although at this precise moment in time, your access to the monument may be restricted due to construction work.

in Dobryninskaya (photo credit Luke Vincent)

These stations take a bit of exploring to find the more intricate, beautiful bits. Up the escalators you might find some interesting statues or murals- around a corner the strange light constructions might be more exciting than those standard chandeliers you saw a few stops back. Especially the entrances are large and impressive, and Dobrynskaya (named after an active revolutionary), is home to the largest ‘floor lamps’ in the metro, and an impressive chandelier.  I also really like the strange-shaped lights on the platform itself in Dobrynskaya- metal and lights are used to make triangles and squares in a very modern looking design that surprises me every time!



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