Thankful Thursday

After living in the USA for twelve years, and with some very fond, and some crazy memories of the November holiday-time, it is impossible for me to ignore Thanksgiving.

Dad carving a Turkey (one of two) at last year's "Turkey Day" celebrations in Germany (28.12.13)
Dad carving a Turkey (one of two) at last year’s “Turkey Day” celebrations in Germany (28.12.13)

Topping the list of eventful holidays is still the year we nearly burnt the house down, but I also have great memories of cooking up dinner in Britain, inviting friends from school and university, and stuffing ourselves. It was the one time of the year when I would eat meat, even if I was vegetarian the rest of the year, and it somehow always was more special than Christmas dinner, because there were less expectations, and especially the British just felt lucky to have a ‘Christmas dinner’ early.  At home, we also share a special second holiday, dubbed “Turkey Day” shortly after Christmas, allowing us to spend time with friends, which has grown to an annual event, with an average attendance of around 12 to 15 people.

This year is the second year in a row where I am unable to make my own turkey due to a lack of an oven. While my family will make up for this by re-celebrating thanksgiving in December, some of the girls here and I have also decided to go to emergency measures- we’ve found an American-style restaurant that serves Turkey with all the stuffings and trimmings, and even has pumpkin pie to finish it all off. It comes all inclusive with NFL games on tv, and even cranberry sauce.

Lets see what a Russian-American-Style -Thanksgiving turns out to be!

OH- and in the age old tradition: This year I am especially thankful that:

  • last year went well, that I made many new awesome friends (shout out to the ‘Wood Lane-ers’ the ‘Oxford-crew’, and ‘Team Badger-cream’) and had some great personal but also ‘cv-boosting’ experiences
  • I also had some sweet trips, including visits to Dublin and Turkey with some pretty cool kids!
  • I have a brilliant room-mate who shares my fondness for tea, gingerbread and all thing eccentric, and makes living in Moscow much more comfortable!
  • I have a great support network ‘across the sea’ including Family, boyfriend and friends that can always make me laugh.
  • You are all here, willing to let me write on and on about my experiences!

Thank you, and happy Thanksgiving to you!

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  1. To give you an idea of how thanksgiving went:


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