Shingles Survival Guide

Shingles is a painful and arduous experience. It’s draining and generally uncomfortable- but with these handy tips, we’ll show you how to make the most of your new skin condition! Your guide to surviving shingles in just 5 easy steps!

Step One: Play the Hero

Take all the Ebola jokes in your stride and drag yourself to the kitchen to get more water or tea at every opportunity. Plan these visits well so you see the highest number and variety of flatmates possible, and collect maximum pity. Avoid peak hours and cover up the rash, though, because things get a bit too cramped- you don’t want to be a danger to them!

Step Two: Paint your Battle Scars

Tools of the trade: What you need for a temporary Pink Tattoo
Tools of the trade: What you need for a temporary Pink Tattoo

What’s more impressive than a gross, bumpy rash? A bright fuchsia bumpy rash, of course! Take the (‘modern’) Russian doctoral advice, grab your prescribed iodine from the pharmacist’s and then go mental— did someone say temporary* pink tattoos??

Step Three: Don’t Infect the Roomate

This is the biggest mistake you could make. You can’t have both of you feeling sorry for yourselves!

Step Four: Sleep, Eat, Procrastinate, repeat

Catch up on all of the sleep you didn’t have in the last year. Also- all of those films you didn’t get around to watching? The books you didn’t read? Now’s the time! Use your doctors note to its full potential, avoid all lessons or appointments that just feel like too much of an effort, and enjoy your down time!

Step Five: Recover

Lets be frank, although we might be making light of the situation- in reality you want to get better. Try and get all the vitamins you can, lots of water, and re-build up your strength. Go to the doctor and stay in contact with them if things change, and look out for yourself and the people around you. And in the future- try to avoid high levels of stress, and keep eating well- relapses are possible, and are unlikely to be as ‘fun’ as the first time…

*Warning- when heavily applied, the tattoo may remain on your skin for over a week or even three…

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