Mud, Glorious Mud!

After running (or not running) through frozen landscapes the last few weeks, arriving in somewhat warmer Germany for the university holidays was a big relief for me. Of course, a more filling and varied diet, a larger bed, and the company of loved ones was a bigger highlight, but as I pounded the pavement the last few days I also once again concluded that this is a runners paradise. In particular this week I am proud of a run that my sister Kari and I did together.

Lets set the scene.

Screenshot 2014-12-27 11.50.06We are guests at our grandparents, a few hours ago we stuffed ourselves with a lunch of epic proportions, and outside the weather has changed from grey to a windy, sleet/rain storm. It was wet for weeks before and everything is waterlogged. And we head outside.

I’m not sure either of us were dressed appropriately but once outside we were not about to give up, and headed around the lake, through the obstacle course of mud, up and down hills, dodging tree branches and aggressive snowflakes that got into our eyes.

We returned after 5k with waterlogged and muddy shoes, perfectly exhausted. The run had an element of adventure in the dimming winters light that I’m not going to forget soon.

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One thought on “Mud, Glorious Mud!

  1. Mud and snow flakes sounds like a great combination! Glad you had a great run, especially after being fed to bursting by your grandparents. šŸ™‚


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