Silvesterlauf- or I’m a Winner!

I finished the old year as a winner. I even got a medal, a certificate and a prize, picked up in front of a crowd of spectators. Why? We finished the year with the Kiel New Years Run, a 5.5 km plod through a inhabited bit of town with crazy people in costumes, our city’s mayor, and around 200 other runners.

On the 41. Kiel’s New Year Run, which took place on the 31st, the costumed runners were treated to punch and liquor shots, biscuits and and mandarin slices. The ceremony, which celebrated the fastest runners who came in after plodding along the 5.5 km route in around 18 minutes (men) or 20 (women), was accompanied with more punch, a traditional German ‘wurst’ and plenty of cake. And no, I was not a winner because I finished the race in 20 minutes. I had a lovely run making my way around, running with my sister, taking our time. I won the raffle. In a stroke of luck I won back the entry fees for all three of us that ran it, in the form of two vouchers to one of the more luxurious gyms/spas in the area. Not quite the perfect prize for me, but worth lots, and transferable, so I’m sure we will make someone very happy!

My watch seems to disagree with the official race measurement of 5.5 km...
My watch seems to disagree with the official race measurement of 5.5 km…

The race itself was strangely twisting and turning on itself, with a few hills along the way. Mostly through residential areas, people came out of their houses with their champagne and cheered us on, which was highly entertaining. In addition, the costumes were ingenious. We had people dressed as fish, as different forms of weather, as dragons. A boys school group dressed up as the entire German national team, and one couple ran as a ‘headless wedding’. We were fairly boring in comparison, with our animal-hat costumes, (a tiger, elephant and a reindeer) although I did manage to make some people laugh with the squeaking noise the elephant hat makes when you squeeze its nose. All round an enjoyable race!

Happy New Year and New Running to all!

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