London Escapes: Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill

The last week has been busy and filled with work, friends and plans. I have relocated to London temporarily, housed myself in the university library and worked through a variety of tasks that piled up over the holidays. However, we have also been blessed with some amazing weather days, which made staying indoors in the library completely unwelcome. As a result I wandered paths I used to take frequently last year, exploring the green spaces and the winter sun. 

10298686_10202144190112929_2808307369911160315_n My favourite walk this week was definitely through Regent’s Park, which is perhaps the lesser-known brother to Hyde Park. Smaller, more manicured, and in a way, more similar to the well organised parks in Russia, Regent’s Park is split into beautiful sections. Like in Moscow, these parks are the calm ‘lungs’ of the city, where the noises of the cars become more subdued, around which the houses have even greater style, and in which animals and residents alike seek some respite from city chaos. There is a pond, fountains, plants and hedges, long walks and small paths. Imported birds that have become used to being hand-fed strut around the park and challenge you for your lunch sandwich. The well fed squirrels are also about- about twice of the size of the ones I photographed in Moscow, I wondered how these creatures could even scuttle up the trees with their round bellies.

One of my favourite bird-finds in Regent's Park
One of my favourite bird-finds in Regent’s Park

In the northern area the London Zoo is hidden away (you can peak into the enclosure and see some camels if you are lucky). You can generally also observe locals running, playing football, cricket or ’rounders’, and walking their dogs. In the summer, there is boating on the lake, and various cafes are open. All of these are worth your time, especially in summer, but no matter what time of year, a trip to London should in my opinion, include a trip to Primrose Hill. Primrose Hill is well known, and the view is breathtaking. At the top of the hill you can see across the expanse of London, find Westminster tower, the London Eye, the Shard, the BT-tower, and many more spread out before you. When the weather is not wet or cold, people picnic here, enjoying the view, and the change of atmosphere. Especially romantic is the view in the last few hours of the day…picture to follow on Wednesday!

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