Sight-running, Not Sightseeing

Its a 7km route like no other, steeped in history, with picturesque views, many cobblestones, and a few hills. This is running: Rome edition.

We (myself and Luke) arrived in the early evening, and knew that there was rain forecast for the upcoming days, not to mention that Rome in the evening is meant to be a spectacular sight. We also wanted to see almost everything at once, and so we set off in our shorts and t-shirts, passed confused looking Italians and bemused tourists, and the men that tried to sell us a selfie stick or wine every time we even thought about stopping.

At the pantheon

As is usual with the first run in a new country, Garmin took forever to locate us, so we had already reached the Spanish Steps from our hotel before we could properly track our run. (Although I then realised that my charger and syncing cable is in the UK still… and I therefore will have to upload the route at a different point in time). We arrived at the top of the steps, to admire a view across Rome without really knowing what we were looking at. The steps were filled with tourists, singing youth, and men offering us various goods- I was particularly tempted by the bottle of red wine… ! After a few photographs we jogged along past Temple Adriano until we reached the Pantheon. This building delighted me to no end- because of the lighting, its age, the fountain, and the many hours we had studied it in art history class.


The route took us further along, heading towards ancient Rome, towards the Colonna Traiana and along the forum  until the monumental and iconic Colosseum. Circling the Colosseum, playing on the large cobblestones and snapping pictures of it in its beautiful blue-and-yellow lit up state took up a fair amount of time before we started making our way back to the hotel. We snacked on some chocolate and bought some fruit at a stall (Luke had been kind enough to take a backpack), circle around Republic Piazza and then we were nearly back.

Screenshot 2015-01-20 07.14.09It was a stunning and wonderful introduction to Rome!
Part of the VRUK blog hop.

And now the route! See the screen-shot to the side- for more exact information feel free to get in contact, but I get the impression that with a map, an eye for signs and some time you can head off in any direction and get a great impression of the city!

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