Fun Friday: new funny finds

Either Russia got weirder while I was away, or I just have new, fresh eyes to appreciate it… from a hare titanic to a ‘play-dough’ restaurant and curling on the Red Square, here are my recent ‘bizarre and odd’ finds.

Outdoor Attractions: Hares and Pandas

Russians still like cute things, even when they don’t make much sense to me. Here you can see Jack Hare and Rose, in a smaller version of the Titanic navigated by… a rabbit man? You also have the sign of the Russian version of the UK ‘Go Ape’, an outdoor climbing park that ‘bears’ the name ‘Panda Park’. Ironic when Pandas don’t really do much climbing.

The most exciting thing today was my encounter on the Red Square. After being attracted by bag pipes playing Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’, I discovered that there is a friendly on this weekend with teams from Russia, USA and Switzerland. Awesome and chilly!

‘Dido’ the play-dough cafe.

Remember relatives telling you not to play with your food? Remember how you still wanted to play with something? Dido Cafe does, and offers you the opportunity to play with some good old play-dough while you wait for them to serve you. Which, if you have a misunderstanding with the waitress and accidentally ask for all of the components of your salad in different bowls (when you meant to ask for the dressing on the side) might take a while, so get playing!

This cafe is located between the Chistye Prudy and Lubyanka metro stations, if you want to pay it a visit.

All hail Putin!

20150122_151547And finally on the weird and wonderful list, the Putin-memorabilia-vending-machine. Found at the airport, this handy machine lets you pick up any of those essential Putin souvenirs you may have forgotten to buy- like a Putin iphone case or a Putin t-shirt…

Very well stocked, as well.

As you can tell, its been a random week- I have focused on my university work and wander through the streets, although I also had the chance to go to the ballet and join a mini-dorm-party with the housemates!

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