‘Cool Runnings’

Today’s run is named after one of my favourite films that documents the attempts of a Jamaican team to win a bob-sled medal in the Winter Olympics. Apart from the heart warming messages, the slapstick comedy, and the repeated tag lines like ‘KISS THE EGG!’ that make this film what it is, there are also a lot of amusing jokes made about how the athletes adjust (or don’t adjust) to the cold. I felt like them today.Screenshot 2015-02-07 10.38.44

More accurately, I felt like the only member of the team that is not technically an athlete- the bumbling, silly, and loveable Sanka. Not only did I dress incorrectly (too warmly), I also discovered that I still have not learned how to run on ice. Whenever I slipped I did the comic ‘waving of the arms’, a sort of attempt at imitating a wind mill, and the next few steps were the quick-paced, small jumps that make you feel like you are regaining balance when you are not really. I maintain that the snow is awesome to run on, although my shoes are soaked, because this is so much more grippy. Thankfully, we have had quite a bit of the white stuff in the last few hours.

The run today was on the stretch that is most loved by runners in Moscow- along the river. Although you can see runners at nearly any part of the river, the park system that is attached to Gorky Park and Sparrow Hills is especially popular, and even on a cold day like today I met dozens of people on their plod.

My run slowed to snails pace, and I contented myself with being outside with the snow falling around me, music in my ears, tuned out from the world. I needed that kind of run today- one where I could completely disassociate from the world around me. I found time to just shut off my brain and go, only coming back when I skidded again, and ended up laughing at myself.

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