Laughter and heartache; trials of going home


A trip back to a place closer enough to one’s heart to feel like home can be less comforting than expected. With two months of my degree still on the count down, I went back to the UK for a break.
I don’t regret it, of course, but every to back highlights the things I miss. Never mind that my bag will be jam packed with digestive biscuits and tea on the way back, they never last long enough. Apart from reminding me out how much I love this country and the people here, an increase in temperature and in fruit did me a lot of good.  I realised how badly I climb now, and began to find many things that I would look forward to when I return.

So what can you expect in the next week? Well, I’ll soon take you on a visit to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire! Basically the local version of tsaritsna. I also have an exciting guest blog from a fellow blogger who is living the ‘expat life’  in the beautiful Lake District, one of my favorite areas in the UK. And I’ll be heading back to mother Russia, once again.

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