Celebrations! 100 followers!

I have my party hat on! ‘Sunshine Travels’ has reached over 100 followers now, if I calculate together the WordPress followers that get my posts on their reader each week, and those that follow by email. Woohoo! I wanted to say thank you, and take this opportunity to ask you a few questions.

So firstly- Thank you for reading, commenting, and for being interested in my life and views. Thank you to all of those who come back week after week, and those who just pop in occasionally for an update.  I love watching my ‘stats’ page tell me which countries have accessed my blog each day, and imagining your faces as you scan my more recent updates. I also want to shout out to the anonymous person who read around 100 of my posts on Monday- I do not want to know how long that took you, but I am very impressed!

Secondly, I wanted to ask you some questions, so that I can understand what is keeping you hooked, and what you think I can get rid of.  I have a long journey ahead of me, with a few more months in Russia, a few months of Master’s student stress, and then half a year of adventuring- tell me what you want to see now, and I’m sure I’ll be able to fit it in!

So if you would be so nice, please fill out my questionnaire!