Guest Post: Beyond Politics: Taking a Trip to Russia 

I featured on Amanda Afield with my guest blog about visiting Russia! Check it out!

Amanda Afield

Russia is full of beautiful architecture, artand culture. Unfortunately, the thought of planning a trip there and securing a visa is intimidating to many people (including me!). I’ve been thinking of making the trip next summer, and came across Lisa’s blog about adjusting to life as a graduate student in Russia after living in the UK. In her guest post here, she explains why you should visit Russia, its definitely worth the effort!
I suppose visiting Russia may have an extra sense of adventure nowadays, with all the bad press it’s been getting. But apart from the addedexcitement, there are a fair few reasons you shouldvisit Russia.
Firstly, Russia is a lot more like the USA than we imagine. By this I mean that it is big, it is geographically, culturally andarchitecturallydiverse, and it has been shaped by a political legacy which is bothdefiningand problematic for its inhabitants. The contrasts…

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