Taking on Downhill Speed

This week was filled with activity- many hours a day. Instead of my usual sedentary lifestyle I headed to the Alps with my parents, and enjoyed five days of superb skiing and snowboarding. After an average of 25 km a day, I did not feel the need to add a run on top!
We stayed in a hut with a group of snow-inclined youths and adults who shared only the enthusiasm for the slopes and the fact that we all had a (tenuous) link with a particular school. The 20150405_113041area, called ski-amade, in the north of Austria, offers a variety of different pistes. In particular, I enjoyed the stunning scenery, and the surprise fresh new snow that we got mid-week. Even as the temperatures warmed up, this meant we had several days of powder and awesome snow to ski, and we took full advantage of this, heading across most of the ski area in the ‘Kings-tour’.

This tour takes you from one end of the ski area, in the valley, all the way across to the other side and back, and totals around 35 km of skiing. The way offers some stunning views across the craggy peaks and some fun runs. Although fairly long and flat runs took us back towards our hut, the way there was far more interesting, and allowed us to chose from a variety of routes down depending on how much we wanted to challenge ourselves.

20150408_102830_PanoLike any good ski holiday, this one also included lots of good food, some Easter eggs, and an Apple strudel. This was accompanied with some relaxation in the sun, working on our sun tans to make sure that everyone knows that we enjoyed our holiday!

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