Back to the Beach

We returned home this week after our amazing week in the Alps, to brilliant weather. Our little city seemed to be blessed with eternal sunshine, which brightened my mood although I spent most of my time inside, working. It was also time for a few more runs- and to get the punishment I deserved last time for taking such a long break.

Before heading to Austria, I was on cloud nine with my running shoes- not impressed with myself, but deeply satisfied that ‘I could still run’. Now, coming back, I paid my dues. My attempted run was on a sunny afternoon, a decision to get away from my laptop for a while and get some air and perspective. Within ten minutes of starting I was feeling off, and by the time I hit one and a half kilometres (shortly after), everything felt wrong. My stomach muscles had tensed, I wasn’t breathing in a rhythmical beat any more, and I was fighting the urge to double over or curl up in the nearest bed of leaves.

Defeated and deflated, I turned around and tortured myself with a turtle-speed interval training, jogging and walking home. The unfit had won, this time.

DSC_0231It was an entirely different situation two days later. I took my sister with me for emotional support, and we started on what we planned to be a slow jog. Never mind that we ended up running a full half a minute per km faster than we intended, we had a beautiful 4 km run along the country road, past a marshland and through a field to arrive at the beach. The views were fantastic, the sun delightful, and the company very welcome.

Our run finished at the Olympic harbour- the site of the sailing competitions when the Olympics were in Munich in 1972. Apart from being the backbone of our city’s awesome yearly sailing competition, the harbour is generally far more busy than our town centre! The city sells itself as ‘the sailing capital of the world’, which I think might not be far off the truth, considering the international sailors we host here each year, and the number of people that flock here, even when there are no international events. We took the chance to soak our feet in the (very) cold sea and to people watch all of the people eagerly lying in the sun.

As I thought after my disaster run early in the week- it can only get better from here!

Written as part of the Virtual Running Blog Hop.

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