Photo post: Fabulous Frankfurt

I found myself taking a ‘holiday’ in the middle of prime dissertation writing time. The visit was to the well-known city of Frankfurt, where my sister is currently intern-ing. Although I tend to count as a ‘German’ by most people’s standards, my knowledge of the country is abysmal, and so it was my first time in Frankfurt, and my first time travelling in ‘my own’ country for quite some time.

Frankfurt was a city bursting into bloom, warm, sunny but delightfully not humid. People sat on the banks of the Main drinking beer, reading books, chatting and sunbathing. We even discovered two men climbing a bridge, who I watched with equal delight and envy. What took me by surprise, especially after so long in the large, imposing city of Moscow, was the diversity of the buildings, the contrast with old and adorned, new and sleek. Little corners of the city all had their own feel, endless rows of trees and gardens. Kari (my sister in case you didn’t know) is nearly as much an outdoor girl as I am, so we spent most of our time wandering between the green oases.

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