Photos post: visiting friends in England

Two weeks before my dissertation was due, I escaped. I headed to the lovely sea-side Dorset, which has plentiful walking, tourist-ing and climbing opportunities, and was the site of a planned one-week birthday celebration. The crazies (our team of friends) had organised camping near Poole, and we took small day trips around the area.

We ate copious cooked breakfasts, ice creams and cream teas (and had the obligatory argument about which comes first, the cream or the jam). The run that some had completed the previous year turned into a walk, and we showered respect on the runners, moaning about our poor fitness and the steep hills. As a reward for hilly walks we visited the Corfe Castle sweets shop. The requested ‘most sour sweets in the shop’ were only topped by the people dressed in traditional costumes, and the ever exciting steam train. On sunny days we came back sun and wind burnt, on wet days we returned to our camp drenched. Within four days the weather was so windy and miserable that we decided to return home and call it quits. After all, sleeping and walking in perpetual rain and wind is not really an ideal holiday!

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