Introducing Luke!

He’s cropped up a few times already on this blog, but I’d like to formally introduce my travelling buddy for the next six months.

DSC_0077<—-This is Luke

If it were up to him, that would probably be enough said, but he’s assigned me the job of ‘communications officer’ for this trip, and so I’ve made the executive decision that you all need to know a little more about him. I met him through our mutual love of climbing, although both of us have taken a break from that hobby for the last year or so.

In the last few months he has been obsessing about sorting out the necessary equipment for our trip, researching and updating our tent, and packing, unpacking and repacking bags to try and optimize the packing list.

Crazies playing on the mining equipment
Crazies playing on the mining equipment

One of the main reasons he agreed to come on this trip was clearly the fact that it would involve the Trans-Siberian Railway. Like most British boys I have met, he has an inherent interest in trains. The older the train the better. And being cooped up in a train compartment for three days with Russians and tourists apparently was an exciting prospect.  However, the more we discussed the route, the more he became interested in many different parts of the journey- camping in Mongolia, seeing pandas in China and kayaking in Vietnam all made his eyes light up with a kind of anticipatory glow.

I asked Luke to tell us a bit about the things he is looking forward to. Putting on his best posh voice he says that food wise, China will probably be his highlight, as we get to ‘experience the culinary delights of the changing food of China as we travel from North to South’. Personally, I’m looking forward to try and get him to eat sheep’s innards in Mongolia, but I think he has probably chosen a more flavourful highlight. After talking to many of his friends, he’s also super psyched for the Gibbon Experience in Laos later on this year. Both of us read a blog entry with many pictures, and are excited about getting to shower in a treehouse- A TREEHOUSE!! (Check out the pictures here! You have to scroll down a bit).

Apart from worrying about the language barriers and and mosquitoes, and me force-feeding him sheep’s intestines, he’s still upbeat and excited about the coming months, and I look forward to keeping you all updated on our mis- and adventures!

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