Author’s Note

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for following, reading and commenting on this blog, and joining in the experiences that I have had over the last year and a half.

I am now back in Europe and will be facing new challenges, which range from getting a full time, paying job, to perfectly timing the cooking of a party-sized portion of broccoli and carrots during the festive season. Because of my new situation I have decided that the publishing calendar for this blog will change.

Wordless Wednesday will remain, as it is my favourite feature. It will be joined by one other post a week, on Mondays. These posts will first finish sharing the adventures we’ve had abroad, as I have a few more stories up my sleeve, and will then document my adventures ‘at home’.

Again, I am very thankful for your readership, and I hope you’ll continue joining me on Sunshine Travels!

Lots of Love


One thought on “Author’s Note

  1. Lisa, I’ve enjoyed following your adventures and admiring your beautiful photos. I look forward to more stories. I’ve nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award. Details are in my latest post at Forty-Something First-time Bride if you’d like to participate!


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