Daily Life: The Moments Inbetween

20160122_1408402.jpg.jpegMy 2016 journal is filling rather quickly- a mixture of commentary on the weather, notes on books and articles I’m reading, reflections on walks and runs and tales from little journeys and ‘everyday adventures’.

My notes include mundane facts (sent off two job applications today), to the delightful (watched a red squirrel practice his parkour maneuvers across the treetops). For me each day holds some kernel of excitement, but I don’t know how to bring this across. Visiting friends last week I managed to dryly summarise my past few weeks in the bullet point list: eat, run, apply, sleep. The list is fairly accurate, but I think it is more important that there are these moments in between. Moments of enjoyment and discovery. True my discoveries no longer feel earthshattering, and often they are re-discoveries, like what snowbells look like as their first shoots appear, the smell of discarded Christmas trees, the melody of German language in an overcrowded space.

DSC_0106As the year continues the sunlight changes. It’s still flatter than it is in spring, but you can feel it brightening. At moments of inspiration I can watch it, smiling to myself. Most recently it lit up the track ahead of me, people plodding along at irregular paces. At the beginning of the year we signed up to a race series which has a race every two weeks, building up from 10 km to 21. The races are always on the same track, a repetitive cycle of the same 5km. Although I expected this to be a particular challenge, because by the end you know exactly how far you still have to go, I found that it actually helped me in the following runs. The first two were gloomy, rainy runs, this final week was sunny, bright and welcoming. This kind of run, no matter how difficult it was, is the kind of run that makes you want to keep on going, and going…

My goals may yet be some way off, and in many ways they depend on things out of my control, but these little, everday joys will help get me through the waiting.

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