One Half down, One Half to go!

wp-1456768734299.jpegOne of the joys of writing a blog is that you can write things out of chronological order, publish them when they suit you, when it feels right, or when the inspiration takes you. I haven’t written a ‘Running Blog’ in a long time, even though I certainly haven’t given up running or stopped reading the other fantastic contributions to the Runner’s Blog Hop. Somehow I was waiting for something “more” to write about, especially after the amazing experiences I had running in Rome or trotting through a half marathon in Moscow. This week I am flying high on two successes, and the time for another running post has come.

Success number one was achieving my goal to run 100 kilometres in February. This was important because my distance has drastically increased since I returned home and I’m trying to make sure I’m pacing myself while also pushing myself. The challenge was increased through the fact that I virtually lost a week through a snowboarding trip (worth it!), and the additional time pressure then led me to my first week in which I ran 40km. This is exciting because the self-imposed goals really made me get out frequently, to run longer, and to stop making excuses. As a result, I also had some really beautiful runs. Although I now know the routes and distances of my well-worn footpaths by heart, I get to see them in all sorts of different weather, in different times of day, and with different light. Some days the sea is calm and flat as a mirror, other days it cheers me on in a roar as the wind whips it up and makes my life difficult.

wp-1456768743561.jpegI have run on days of brilliant sunshine, in the golden sunset, and in a world of mystical fog. My second running success was one of the foggy adventures: a new personal best time in the Half Marathon distance. Kiel holds an annual marathon, for which 2000 runners show up from the city itself, the surrounding county, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. On the 27th we all lined up at the starting lines and set off into a world submerged in cloud. The route was a flat course along the waterfront of the fjord. In front of you runners disappeared into nothingness, to the side the path dropped off into the calm, monochrome sea. It was chilly and beautiful with brightly clothed runners and spectators, patches of sun and hints of the surroundings. Here and there the sun achieved some successes and illuminated the park or the monuments on the waterfront, or the fishermen out in the water, seemingly suspended in the grey fog.

And then, as if in celebration, the sun won over the fog while the bulk of the runners made it to the finish line. We eagerly drank our warm tea and gobbled up bananas before heading home for a well-deserved rest.

Remember: Just keep Running!

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