Alexandra Palace: photos

DSC_01792Whenever I end up in London I find myself heading out or up, looking for a better view of the city. This weekend was no exception, and I found a new beautiful vantage point up in the north: Alexandra Palace.

The building was created as a Victorian recreational centre, before having several run-ins with fire and financial instability. As a result it has undergone several renovations and changed owners and purposes. For a while it housed the BBC, glamorous events,  a hospital and less glamorous prison cells for prisoners of War in WWI. The centre today offers a variety of entertainment and events complete with Ice rink, boating lake and park.

I was drawn here because my recent journeys on trains towards the north had given me a fantastic view of the Palace. The large green hill and unusual building interested me, even if just for a morning in the sun. This morning in the sun turned out to be far more pleasant and picturesque than I anticipated. I took a few hours to walk, photograph, eat a waffle covered in what seemed like half a jar of Nutella, drink some tea and enjoy the view.

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