Unwinding in Munich

dsc_0689The fog was so thick that the trees quickly became mysterious shapes, the bridge disappeared halfway across the river, and the brids sang eerily from the unknown. Colourful leaves hung in the cool air, the autumnal magic enveloping me as I slowly plodded along on my run, in awe of the intense outdoor impression made by inner-city Munich.

I had arrived on a Saturday afternoon, far in the north. Instead of getting into the subway, I made my way to the English Garden, a long park which reaches all the way into the centre of the city. In the light rain I made my way along dirt paths, around dogs and through the trees. I passed a large pagoda built in chinese style, followed a river and dodged a few bikes. At this point the grey weather was more annoying, than charming. Even though I had walked around five kilometers I was cold. The chill also made me more tired, and I was more in the mood to sip a hot chocolate in front of a fireplace than I was to continue walking in the rain.

dsc_07181I took a short look around the historic city, admiring the old facades and buildings standing side by side, a few cobbled streets remaining. The subway then took me underneath the less scenic part of my walk and sped up my journey to the hostel. This was the hostel I started my run from, in the early morning fog,  jogging away from the buildings until I was swallowed up in mist and I had the luxury of half an hour entirely to myself.

The rest of my day in Munich was acompanied by glorious sunshine. Aparently even the weather was sick of being grey and overly wintery, and so the sun came out and melted all of the clouds away. The sunshine was warm and welcoming, lighting up the colourful trees and encouraging tourists and runners to head outside.

I enjoyed an aimless walk around the city. Somehow I had expected a modern, glass and concrete jungle similar to the London or Frankfurt economic centres.The quiet, old fashioned buildings standing in tight rows, the spires of churches and cathedrals, all of this I had not anticipated. It was a pleasant surprise to not only find so much tradition, but also to find the slow, layed back Sunday culture still alive. Unlike the bustle of London, historical Munich was quiet. You got the feeling that people were sleeping in , avoiding any reason to head into the centre of town. Wandering alone, just me and my camera, I found peace I had never expected. In a city so big, I found the time to unwind and relax before returning to Italy to get back to work.

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