Sunshine Running

20161016_121405.jpg“Man, I have laughed so much today”, my diary entry starts for October 15th, and it was true for the entire weekend. Most memorable was that it was another weekend on which I found myself on a clearly marked path, pounding through autumnal leaves with strange euphoria and a crazy grin. The days surrounding this moment had already been glorious- I had two close friends visiting- friends who were full of energy and who had brought cheese with them, instantly making them my favourite people in the city. However, to top it off the weather gods in Torino had decided to bless us with the best running weather ever for our 10 km race.

20161016_131549The rest of the conditions were not really ideal. None of us were phsically or mentally prepared for the race, S’s ankle had swolen to twice its normal size, and the italian instructions for the race logistics left us a little confused. Nevertheless we made it to the starting line without any major problems, and so I plodded alongside A and S, chatting away almost without intermission, determinedly trying to destract myself from the fact that I was running. It was not that difficult. The run was in the north east of the city in the beautiful Venaria Reale grounds, where I previously had enjoyed the last of the summer heat, the smell of roses, and spent hours walking through a photography exhibit. On this weekend we were weaving though the orchard and the artificial lakes before heading out into the park which beckoned with colourful trees and the promice of crunching leaves underfoot.

It was an amazingly clear day and we could see the mountains with their snow caps off in the distance, shimmering in the sunlight. We soaked up the atmosphere, and the energy of the 7000 runners around us. The final kilometers lead us back through the castle grounds and around so that the finishing dash was a run towards the castle gates. Continuously picking up the pace we pushed until we broke S’s PB time by three minutes, and celebrated with bananas, cookies, and a very large quantity of water.

20161016_172457.jpgThe pictures are bright and colourful, partially because of our finisher tshirts, and radiate positive energy. The three of us don’t often get a weekend just to ourselves, and we made the most of it. The run was sqwished in between pie-baking, walking tour-taking, museum-visiting and a lot of food. But the moment of shared success in the bright sunlight and crisp air still takes the biscuit. It was one lovely weekend, ya’ll are welcome back anytime.

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