December Already?

I’d be very much obliged if someone could tell me where November went.

dsc_0012.jpgIn fact, my memory seems to be completely wiped- a month has simply disappeared. What I find so especially remarkable about this, is that I stayed in Italy for most of the month. I thought this would mean I should have plenty to write about, with all of the experiences I soaked up. I had weeks to spend time with the other international locals, eating Chinese, finding places to dance the night away and running around the parks.

I took walks through the city after work, took walks through the city on days off, actually found time to go climbing. I baked apple cake, prepared a thanksgiving meal, and actually, thoroughly cleaned my room for the first time since I moved in. The sunshine in the first week was delightful, autumnal glory which brought out everyone onto the street and made even those who had complained of cold for weeks smile and laugh.

snapchat-6014988935707171686.jpgWork took me to France for two days and when I returned it was raining in Torino, raining non-stop. It rained for more than a week, causing havoc, an overflowing river, upended boats and chaos on the streets. I avoided the rain by attending a German film night, going out to dinner with colleagues and miserably complaining at everyone, all the time. Although it was the season to be happy, the rain had suddenly dampened everyone’s spirit, and from the high of the week before we finally reached a new low. It was almost December before the rain let up, at which point I took endless, happy, “sun and mountain” selfies.

Happily enough the month still turned out some incredible pictures, and I spent some lovely time with friends- with a special visit I’ll report on next week.

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