A dusting of frost

While Turin has officially declared war on winter with a week of sunshine and 20 degree weather, followed by a week of spring rain and sudden thunderstorms, I’m not convinced I want to give up on winter just yet.

This surprises me because except for 2015, this is the most winter I have had since I moved to Europe. Multiple weeks and weekends of skiing or snowboarding and several days of touristing should, in theory have satisfied my cravings for the colder months. Perhaps it is the lack of winter walking, or simply the fact that the beauty of frosted pines simply cannot be overstated. Perhaps it is the beauty of misty clouds hanging in the valley or a realization that the dreaded days of sticky heat are closer than I think.

In any case, escaping for one final visit to the snow was a priority before the competition season starts, and I am ambushed with work and my weekends are eaten by the beauty that is pros on a climbing wall. While I look forward to the coming months with the eagerness of a small child looking at a wrapped present, not yet allowed to touch it, the increase in pace and meetings has already shown the first signs on my levels of sleep. That is, by the way, no complaint: having people to talk with over a glass of wine until the bar asks us to leave is something I really appreciate after months of on and off appointments and social stagnation. 

In any case, the great outdoors is calling, and I will go. I’m sure the few days will fuel dreams of new projects and plans, new dreams and aspirations. I’m hoping they will also give me the chance of getting to know some other former club members better, once again reminding me of the pivotal role of my university climbing club in forming my current adventuring ideas and ambitions. 

Following a week of snow, easter heralds the opening of the walking and camping season and soon, I am sure, the summer will begin in earnest. I’m excited to see what I get up to this year.

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