A quick adventure on Mt. Musine

Mt. Musine is the last mountain of a range reaching towards Turin, a triangular hill topped with a tremendously large white cross. On Saturday, the sunshine was unhindered by any cloud as the group met in the centre of Turin and set out towards the west. We chose the mountain as it is easy to get to, and generally shorter than most of the others in the area. This didn’t mean it was not challenging, though: starting about 350 meters the cross is up at 1150. The main path leads straight up the east facing side, leaving a small forest into dry grass and short hedges. The path of rocky stones and dried earth ascends upwards with only short breaks that offer views of the city, the Colinette on the other side, and views into the valleys.

Our group of seven, rather less experienced walkers, huffed and puffed their way up the hillside. Conversation switched from Italian to English to German, and each fellow walker we met was stopped. The break (ostensibly to ask for direction recommendations and check how far we had come), was accompanied by water and snacks and usually a wide range of jokes.

It took us a little over two hours to reach the top at our casual tempo. There we collapsed in the shade of the cross, and eagerly ate our lunches. The way down, on the north side of the hill, was far more shaded. The ground was covered with a thick foliage somewhat like ferns, suggesting that this side was more protected and generally wetter. While the descent was not as steep as the ascent, it was still an impressive drop in altitude, and again we had to take several breaks, this time to ease the pressure on our knees. In total, the hike was around 8 kilometres, although no one tracked it precisely. We returned to Turin after a celebratory drink, a real success.

I was delighted so many people decided to join me on this walk- when I’m back in town again I should arrange another. But for now, I head off travelling almost endlessly…


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